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General Dentistry

Composite Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings

This is a filling that is the natural color of your tooth.

Quick & Simple

It only takes a single, quick in-office appointment.

Payment Plans

Worried about the cost? Ask us about setting up a payment plan.

Composite Fillings Overview

Keep your natural tooth color.

Occasionally, your teeth may develop cavities that need to be filled. We offer a more cosmetically pleasing option than the classic metal filling. A composite filling is the color of your teeth and blends in far better than its metal counterpart.

What to Expect

Get a glimpse of what your visit will be like.

  • To begin, any additional decay on the tooth will be removed.
  • The composite filling material will be placed in the tooth, and is cured using a blue light.
  • Any excess material will be smoothed for comfort.
Regular exams and cleanings help keep your teeth healthy and allow early detection of any problems.
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