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Pain Relief

Extracting a problem tooth can provide the relief you need.

Quick & Simple

It only takes a single, quick in-office appointment.

Payment Plans

Worried about the cost? Ask us about setting up a payment plan.

Extractions Overview

Remove your bothersome tooth.

Sometimes a tooth may be deemed unsalvageable. In this case, we might recommend the tooth be extracted. There are many options for post-extraction procedures to restore your tooth. We offer mini dental implants, bridges, dentures and partials for this situation.

What to Expect

Get a glimpse of what your visit will be like.

  • You will first receive local anesthesia to ease any possible discomfort.
  • The tooth will then be removed.
  • You will be given instructions on how to care for the affected area during the healing process.
Regular exams and cleanings help keep your teeth healthy and allow early detection of any problems.
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